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A lot of our games we use google sheets for character sheets. It's fairly simple to embed a google sheet in an iFrame and even verify that the URL is a proper google sheet URL.

Can I do this, and also would I need to publish the same DST for each game I wanted to use it in?


  • thaen
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    That sounds pretty interesting.  So it would just be a single field that the Player (or GM) would put a google sheets url in, and then Save?  And the JavaScript of the DST would validate that it was a google sheets url.

    And the "show" screen would then show an iframe with the google sheet that would then also be editable right there without Edit/Save?

    The Player/GM would have to make the google sheet themselves ... or use some template of some kind?

    The way the DSTs are setup right now there is no "all game systems" option.  BUT, you could create it for the "other" Game System, and then just choose that as the Game System for your Campaigns to make sure you have access to the DST.

    Alternatively, you could use the new Custom JavaScript to do this without creating a DST.  In the Character, you could just have an "a" tag with a class ("google-sheet-iframe") and the href is the url to the google sheet.  And then the JavaScript would convert that into an iframe with the url as the content ... and if the visitor didn't allow JavaScript, then the link to the google sheet would still be there to click to view.

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  • jodie
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    New Custom JavaScript O_O!!!!!!111!!11!!!!

    *zooms off to settings page *

  • thaen
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    Haha!!  Let me know if you run into any issues.

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  • AlfmarchesGM
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    @jodie did you manage to make it work? I'm looking for a similar thing - we have a West Marches-inspired game in which we have to keep track of player records and meta-currencies, and Google Sheets is where all that is stored.

    Would love to see how it worked for you.

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