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Are there published statistics for browser usage (including versions) on If not, could we get some, perhaps annually? I'd like to use some newer JS features (such as nullish assignment), but only if the browsers that folks used to visit the site support them (Safari 12, I'm looking at you).

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  • Vanillabean
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    Hey @neqis, I'm sorry I missed your question sooner! I'm not 100% on this, so I'm looking into it and will follow up soon!

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  • masternest
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    Hi Neqis,

    These stats come from OP’s Google Analytics:

    Browsers …

    63% Chrome

    18% Safari

    6% Firefox

    4% Edge

    1% Opera

    < 1% others

    Of Safari (18%), Browser versions …

    56% 15.6

    16% 15.5

    5% 14.1.2

    3% 15.4

    3% 604.1

    1% 11.0

    < 1% others

    What you can do to is to add a message on your DST that checks the current browser/version of the member. This way you tell the member if the browser won't work with that DST.

  • neqis
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    Thanks, just what I was looking for.

    Unfortunately, nullish assignment and coalescing break script parsing when unsupported, so a browser check & message can't be done by the script itself.

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