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Is there a way to limit wiki page search to only pages that are "GM only"?

I use GM only pages to arrange future quests or important notes and I want to be able to search for all existing pages at once in case I forget the name of one of them.

This can be done with characters, but I couldn't find a way to do it with Wiki pages.

I guess I can do it by adding a tag for each of those pages, but is there a built in way to do it?


  • ElMuggs
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    All your GM only pages are listed in the Secrets section if you have a active Ascendant subscription.

    It's also got a flag to tell you if you've made a page that's unread - which is super handy - eg. here's a example of Domains of Dread I haven't gotten around to writing up yet:


    It doesn't have a search function but you can use CTRL+F if you have a idea of the title, otherwise when searching you'll be able to tell a GM only page because it has a different background color.

    Instead of tags (which are Visible to players) I'd suggest using the titles when your keeping track of hidden wiki pages to add something like GM:NOTE: or GM:QUEST GM:PLOT etc. so you can easily search by this later to bring up all of your notes, quests, plots etc.

    For example when running Ravenloft Castle I converted the original Curse of Strahd descriptions into a series of GM only wiki pages using 'Map index- Description' as the title so each time the PC's went into a new room I could quickly look up the key and find the description rather then needing to find it in the book:


    Having a standard naming convention also run a search to double check that all of your secret pages are REALLY secret - as the last thing you want is your players uncovering something because you missed a 'DM only flag' :)

    DM of The Domains of Dread Council Meeting (...a Comedic Misadventure though the mists of a re-imagined Ravenloft! ) - COTM Feb 2023! 

  • NimrodYanai
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    Perfect, thanks!

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