A Mates running A 1st edition WFRP Campaign, The Pcs captured Wasimer for trial but he escaped

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A Mates running is running The 1st edition WFRP Version of The Enemy Within and he has a problem

His Pcs captured Wasimer with the intent that he be tried and executed for treason but The Doppleganger that tried to kill and replace The Graf earlier had escaped and it helped Wasimer escape

In case your wondering how The Pcs managed to capture Wasimer its because in Death on The Reik before going to Castle Wittgenstiem his Pcs did went to The Vaults and did Fire In The Mountains and among The Bloodhedge's Treasure was A Magic Sword with 2 powers that were +2 Damage and 2 Rune's, 1 of which was A Spell Rune that contains The 2nd level Spell Lightning Bolt and the other is  Minor Death Rune VS Spellcasters of Evil Alignment

Wasimer knows about this Sword and its Minor Death Rune VS Spellcasters of Evil Alignment, despite being A Follower of Tzeentch The 1st edition version of The Power Behind The Throne Book lists his alignment as Evil and that's why he surrendered

The thing is that The 1st edition version of The Power Behind The Throne Book only deals with 2 possibilities, either Wasimer dies or Wasimer escapes, theirs no mention of what to do if The Pcs capture Wasimer and he manages to escape. What should my mate do?

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